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    I have a wonderful relationship with my mother. Mothers are awesome!!

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    Daramola Adewumi

    Thank you Dr Cathy Sharfer for this book. My mum will love it. You have thought is a great deal. Happy mother.

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    Dr. Richardson

    This is so sweet, thank you Dr. Cathy for your wisdom. Humanity need more of your type.

    Your love is amazing. Parents need to keep bounding in love.

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    Daramola Adewumi

    I can’t forget my mother. She is my life. She thought me some many amazing things and Dr Cathy’s book has boost the wisdom to know the value of a mother. Kudos to you Dr Cathy L Shaffer.

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    This book is a masterpiece! It is a vital subject of note as mothers have great impact on their daughters and children at large.

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